There are now many more opportunities for event organisers, thanks to the demand for online events. Event attendees began taking advantage of a new kind of experience as events moved online.  

… Because of this, even as restrictions loosened, many creators chose to continue holding online and hybrid events. Take for instance, the recently completed headies award, which was held at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, United. 

But what precisely are hybrid events? They are unique events where attendees can take part in person or online. 

While giving attendees a choice in how they want to attend, these events aim to boost event attendance. Like sporting events that you can attend live or watch on TV, attendees are essentially watching the same event whether they are there in person or watching from a computer. 

 There are two types of hybrid events:- 

- External hybrid events, including performances, gatherings, workshops, and trade shows. These are perfect for companies that want to amuse customers or market products to them. 

- Internal hybrid events, which are held to bring together employees or other groups of people. Consider team meetings and town halls, but with the option for in-person or online attendance. 

Depending on the circumstance, hybrid events can take many different forms, but they all involve a presentation for both in-person and online audiences. 

While organising a hybrid event may seem high-tech and challenging, Ja-de makes it incredibly easy. You can stream through an online video service like Vimeo Live, Google Meet, or Zoom using Ja-de 'so far the URL is right'. From there, sharing your live event with all your online attendees only requires a video camera. which is one of the fast-rising event hosting platforms in Africa is aiding the hybrid events in Africa and this innovation has come to stay.

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