Accuses Ojomu of Ajiraland of sabotaging upgrade of Baale title to Oba

• Police have nabbed hoodlums causing unrest, says Baale Olukolu

Following the tussle over the true ownership of Igbo-Efon community in Eti-Osa Area of Lagos state, and alleged plans to install a Baale,  who is not from the acclaimed ruling family of the community, a situation that has generated unrest, the Abogun family has described the recent installation of Tajudeen Olukolu as the new Baale of Igbo-Efon, as illegal and a case of ‘a tenant who wants to become a landlord'.

According to a member of the Abogun family, Rilwan Owolabi Atiku-Abogun, “the Olukolus and Jinadus are tenants in Igbo-Efon, and they are now in connivance with the Oba of Ajiran trying to take the leadership stool of the community.”
“Igbo-Efon community has been a peaceful community in the Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State, but for the past three months Igbo-Efon community has been experiencing unrest.
“This unrest comes out of the desire of the Olukolu and Jinadu families who are known to be customary tenants of the Abogun Ruling Family of Igbo-Efon to illegally and unconstitutionally take what does not belong to them,” Atiku-Abogun added. 
He noted that Igbo-Efon, as a community, which was founded by the Abogun Family some 300 years ago, has now been thrown to disarray with the purported plan of the Oba of Ajiranland, His Royal Highness, Oba Tijani Adetunji Akinloye, Sateru II, to add the Olukolu and Jinadu as the ruling families in Igbo-Efon. 

He said: “By history and tradition of Igbo-Efon community, the Baaleship of Igbo-Efon title has always resided with only the Abogun Ruling Family. However, to the chagrin of many, this chieftaincy title has now been openly appropriated from the Abogun Family.
“The genesis of the unrest in the community can be traced to the Abogun family and Igbo-Efon refusal to be under the Ajiranland.
“The Oba of Ajiraland got angry when the Abogun family wanted to upgrade its ruling stool from Baale to Oba and thought the best way to get back at us was to install someone from outside the ruling family.”

He added that Lagos State Standing Tribunal of Enquiry into Chieftaincy Matters had earlier in the year, refused to elevate the Baale of Igbo-Efon to the status of an Oba because the Abogun Family did not do enough to prove they are entitled to the upgrade. 
Atiku-Abogun said that notwithstanding the decision of the Tribunal, which he considered very damning, there is still hope for the Abogun family and their desire to upgrade their ancient stool from Baale to Oba. 
“The final decision on who and where can become a kingdom lies with the government – the Lagos State Government. Hence, even though the Olukolu, Jinadu and the Ojomu have been able to gang up against the Abogun family on this occasion, all hopes are not lost. 
“The Abogun family can always still try at any time to still upgrade their chieftaincy title, with no restriction or statute barred. We await what tomorrow will bring.”
Contacted to know what he is doing to restore peace in the community and forestall unrest, the new Baale, Chief Olukolu said: “It is the job of the law enforcement agencies to ensure that peace reigns and I think they are doing their best for now.
“The DPO of Ilasan, Area Commander at Elemoro and the RRS Commander have  visited the community and  were able to arrest many of the hoodlums, including one of the representatives of the Abogun family, who was also a signatories to the peace accord.

“I don’t know why some people like causing mayhem. If you have any grievances, go to court instead of causing unnecessary mayhem and disturbing the peace of the community.”

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