We just stumbled on a post by a gentleman who lost his father at the Critical Care Unit in LASUTH in August 2020, at  the height of the Covid pandemic. He listed the event as one of the reasons why he will not vote  for the incumbent governor.

We sympathise with him on his loss but we should debrief him about the possibility of shying away from the severity of his father's condition on admission. We are under ethical restrictions not to disclose the clinical conditions of our patients publicly, but unfortunately this case was quite poorly  on admission. Everyone knows that by the time a patient is admitted into a Critical Care Unit, physicians will do their utmost best but the outcome is in God's hands. 

Intensive care is also costly.  Very costly.  The fee quoted for CCU care in LASUTH,  even though incorrect will still stand out as the cheapest anywhere. 

In addition,  the BT Diagnostic Centre is the only laboratory in the hospital.  One will therefore wonder why the writer would complain of having to patronise its services. 

A lot of medical services shut down during the covid era.  LASUTH should be highly commended for sustaining services even at great peril to its staff. We need not mention the number of staff we lost during the pandemic. May their souls rest in peace. 

A lot of well intentioned  people will vote for Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu for supporting a very progressive and highly functional teaching hospital in Ikeja. Our very good deeds clearly outstrip one or two cases that would happen and relatives may feel aggrieved. 

We are poised to fly higher during the inevitable second tenure of Mr Governor.


LASUTH Management.

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