#Iftar #Tahajjud #Sahur and many more hashtags were trending on Twitter during the holy month of Ramadan. As this year’s Ramadan draws to a close, here are some of the key trends on TwitterNG during the holy month. These updates summarize the activities of Muslim users on TwitterNG.

Islamic Community Thrills Tweeters during the Holy Month

Renowned Islamic community, Lagos Twitter Ummah got #TwitterNG buzzing with series of activities and engagement during the holy month of Ramadan. From the various Islamic teachings to hangouts to engaging hashtags and insightful Twitter spaces, it’s no doubt that Tweeters in the Islamic community had the best moment during the holy month.


Tahajjud Requests and Whatnots

Tahajjud, a silent night prayer when people tender their heart desires to Allah was one of the exciting trends on TwitterNG during the month of Ramadan. Islamic faithful on Twitter stirred up a thread on individuals Tahajjud prayer requests. One of the tweets that grabbed the attention of many was that of hamedhassanali when he stated his heart desires, here.


‘Aso Odun’ bants got #TwitterNG in a Frenzy

Eid period is another season for tweeters to bring out their best outfit game. Yearly, muslim sisters put in all efforts to be the best dressed at the Eid celebration. They rock the special day with the popular outfit, ‘Abaya’ and this year looks like it will be a ‘hot competition’. Bod_republic a Nigerian Influencer started the bants on the ‘Aso Odun’ issue. Check out some of the hilarious tweets and responses here.


Light Sahur Gang versus ‘Eba’ Gang

The #lightsahurgang and the #Ebaforsahurgang battle on TwitterNG about how people should eat the morning meal (Sahur) was a top trend during the Holy month . ‘Eba’ which is one of the heaviest Nigerian meals is believed to be the best option by some users while others were routing for the light meal. Catch up with the conversations  hereand share the gang you belong.


Sound Sultan Legacy Lives On

The Award-winning Nigerian artiste Sound Sultan started an interesting activity, “E Dide Emu Sari Je” during the Ramadan period which people on Twitter look out for yearly. The artiste wakes Tweeters up for Sahur and gives to the less privilege via his Twitter page. This year, an anonymous user who manages the page of the late artiste thrilled users and continued with the legacy of giving and prompting people for morning meals

Eid Festivals and Hangouts

One of the best experiences users in the Islam Twitter community look forward to is the Eid Festivals. People come together to eat, drink, shop and participate in fun activities all in one location. Users on #TwitterNG are looking forward to this year’s hangouts in Lagos,  Abeokuta, and Ibadan.

Lectures and Donations

One of the peculiarities of this season is giving. It is believed that aside from their daily fast and prayers, it is important to give and spread love. Some users on TwitterNG took it upon themselves to feed people daily, not only that, also tweeting quotes from the Quran to enlighten the Muslim community. Some of these tweeters  with commendable acts are Rene_noire, Haltv Africa, RealSamboFatiu, Nimah Andre Foundation and many more.

 The Holy Month is really filled with love and light.

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