A member of the House of Representatives representing Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa federal constituency, Oyo State, Honourable Shina Peller has called on Muslim brothers and sisters to leverage on the holy month of Ramadan to pray for Nigeria.

Honourable Peller made this call via his social media platforms whilst he was congratulating Muslims on the commencement of Ramadan. He also observed that Ramadan period is an opportunity for Muslims to purify their mind, body and soul.

Similarly, the federal legislator argued that most of the challenges that Nigeria is confronted with are attributed to system failure. He added that in addressing this, it is the duty of every patriotic Nigerian to take part in the rebuilding process of Nigeria, which he said requires creating a new functional system that will make the existing one obsolete. 

He wrote:

"I wish everyone of us a blessed Ramadan as fasting begins today. Importantly, we must remember that Ramadan presents to us an opportunity to purify our mind, body and soul as well as an opportunity to pray for our dear country, Nigeria. 

"Our country is suffering from system failure but God didn't create Nigeria to fail, our country is blessed with so many natural and human capital resources, so we have no reason to fail. What is required for us at this Holy Month of Ramadan is to pray to God to guide us aright especially in electing the right leaders as the 2023 general election beckons. 

"As a patriotic citizen, I can't pretend that all is well with our country presently, truly within the last 3 decades Nigeria has been confronted with so many challenges which are all attributed to symptoms of a system failure, and this is what we all have to address. Our founding fathers didn't build Nigeria for Nigerians alone, but Nigeria for the whole of Africa! With all the resources that God has blessed us with, what genuine excuse do we have not to make Nigeria work? What excuse do we have not to function as a giant of Africa that we are meant to be?

"Don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to blame anyone in particular for the system failure. In fact, this is not the time for blame game, it is the time to come together as Nigerians and pray purposefully for our country; it is the time to do the needful by participating in the rebuilding process of our dear country. In doing so, we need to create a new functional system that will make the existing one obsolete, and this is a task that we all must be willing to carry out. Once again, let's seize the opportunity of the Holy Month to pray for Nigeria. Ramadan Mubarak!"

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