A leading Non-governmental organisation, Stand to End Rape Initiative (STER) has hosted the World Health Organisation, WHO, alongside an international footballer and former Manchester United footballer, Patrice Evra in Lagos, where intricacies of violence against children were discussed.

At the event held in Lagos, STER revealed to Patrice Evra and WHO’s representatives the organisation’s sexual violence prevention and response interventions in Nigeria and find areas for collaboration.

According to a statement by STER, “Violence against children is a growing public health concern and one of Nigeria’s most common forms of violence. A 2016 UNICEF reported that six out of every ten children in Nigeria is suffering one or more forms of physical, sexual or emotional violence before age 18. Organisations, activists and international stars like Patrice Evra are championing the advocacy to prevent violence against children in Nigeria.”

The event harps on preventing violence against children through sports intervention and engaging African leaders on violence against children.

STER focused on programmes on positive masculinity, gender norms, education, sexual violence prevention, sports intervention to prevent violence against children, and engaging government leaders of major West African countries on violence against children.”

“The international star also met with the STER team, and survivors acknowledged the organisation’s importance and applauded STER’s programs and interventions.

As part of the event, Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER) and Patrice Evra engaged one of STER’s focus all-boys schools for a follow-up class on consent education with a question and answer session with Patrice Evra. Selected boys from the school also had the opportunity to play a mini football game with Patrice Evra.

“As an organisation entrusted with advocating against sexual violence, providing prevention mechanisms, influencing policy change, and supporting survivors in Nigeria, our mission and vision align with the primary purpose of the World Health Organisation and Patrice Evra’s visit.

Stating the benefits of the visit, STER noted, “The visit enabled us to learn, discuss, and share ideas to support further and create awareness around STER’s mission and vision. We look forward to more impactful collaborations in the future.”

Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER) is a youth-led and award-winning organisation advocating against sexual and gender-based violence, providing prevention mechanisms, and supporting survivors. We use various platforms to educate people and engage in interactive sessions via social media. We are working towards the day when we change the community’s perceptions of sexual violence and gender inequality.

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