Greetings my people,  it is that time of the year when we create awareness of dangers of drug addiction. To make everyone to understand that Drug Addiction can take over a life and fuel all kinds of destructive activities. 

Meljenstin Buzopat Youth Empowerment Initiative and Area E Commander, ACP IGbafe Afegbai brings you 2022 SAY NO TO DRUG ADDICTION YOUTH CONFERENCE. 

Today,  Drug Addiction is one of the most pervasive problems that almost all the countries are facing but presently our very own Country Nigeria and our communities are experiencing the worst of it. Drug addiction and abuse is with us, it is happening closer to us than we can imagine and accept,  it is wrecking our youths, our families, our future, our pride and foundation. 

The Drug Addiction and abuse epidemic has touched all social strata, leaving tears,sorrow and grief behind. The damages are beyond words

We must collectively and individually confront this menace. Join us let's save destinies together.  

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