Bauchi Governor Bala Mohammed has hinted he has a plan B and C should his presidential aspiration falls apart.

Speaking to journalists after meeting with some members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Niger State, Mohammed said his presidential aspiration is not a do- or-die affair.

“There is nothing wrong with having a plan B or plan C. In politics, I am a general and I always plan for the best, not only for myself but for people around me.

“I am a democrat, this is not a do or die affair, we are here to present ourselves and we should not be presumptuous,” he said.

Mohammed, who is one of the PDP presidential aspirants, said that zoning is not a problem for him as it is one of the ways to ensure equity and justice.

He stated PDP is responsible for zoning and as members, they are ready to abide by the decision of the party.

” The party has responsibility for zoning and where ever it zones, we are ready to abide by the decision of the party.

“Zoning is a provision that will ensure equity and justice and it is under the purview of the party wherever it is done, we believe in the supremacy of the party, and we believe that if it is done by the party, we will accept it.

“The party leaders have the discretion and the right to choose whoever they want and we must accept whoever they choose,” he stressed.

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