By Akinwale Kasali 

Foremost Yoruba Group, Apapo Oodua Koya, AOKOYA, has written visiting United Nations Secretary General, Anthony Guterres, that 

Nigeria sitting on a time bomb that could explode soon.

The Group said the UN boss is visiting Nigeria at a time violence and terrorism characterised by state repression dominate the space.

AOKOYA said more that 10,000 people have been killed since 2015 while thousands were butchered by a combination of armed herdsmen and terrorist groups the perpetrators  who the Federal authority has failed apprehend.

The group urged the UN Secretary General to appoint a Special Rappartour on Human Rights relating to ethnic persecution and genocide being committed by the Nigerian state and terrorists groups across a country of some 200million people.

In a statement by the Group signed by the President, Vice President and  Secretary, Ahmed Akorede, Col. Abimbola Sowunmi (Rtd) and Medinat Sadiq, it stated that, "The number of people killed in Nigeria between January and April 2022 is ten times the number of people killed in Ukraine since February this year. If the lives of Europeans matter, lives of Nigerians should not be less worthy," the group said.

The Group added that there is a strong feeling that the UN is less concerned about the plight of black Africans. The visit of the UN boss has reaffirmed this fear. He did not only fail to meet with alternative  social and cultural forces in Nigeria including the media, but decided to go and wine and dine with the leader of the atrocious deaths and misery being unleashed on Nigerians.

AOKOYA said Guteres meeting with President Buhari without meeting with the Human Rights community and leaders of aggrieved ethnic groups is an indication that Mr Guterres underestimates the human catastrophe that has been the lot of Nigerians in the past one decade and the almost inevitable time bomb waiting to explode.

AOKOYA in the letter signed by its officials, Ahmed Korede, Col Abimbola Sowunmi and Mrs Medinat Sadiq who is the Lagos State Women Leader said it was better for the UN to mediate in the festering crisis in Nigeria than to do so when the imminent challenge of refugees arise.

"We use the opportunity of your visit to inform you that there is a lot of molten magma behind a rock that appears still and calm. Nigeria is at the risk of a violent break up with serious human and environmental calamities." AOKOYA said.

The current Government led by Buhari is similar to a Nazi Government. The intention is to Fulanise Nigeria by all means possible as a great human and material cost to the victims 

"Every day,Nigerians see it as a miracle. Thousands of people have been kidnapped. Hundreds are killed daily. In one case, a pregnant  woman who is a victim delivered her baby in the bush. This is the worst form of collective dehumanisation of Nigeria as a country. Under the present Government,killings,callous mass murder and ethnic persecution by the Fulani represented by President Mohammadu Buhari have become state policies. Genocide is being committed across the country by armed Fulani herdsmen. The Nigerian state has been responding by defending the perpetrators of the cruel and inhuman conducts," AOKOYA said.

The group reminds the UN Secretary General that the body has the responsibility to intervene before it is too late.

The Pan Yoruba group urged the UN boss to create time to meet aggrieved Nigerians adding that the UN does not exist for Governments alone but also for the people they govern.

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