MC Oluomo gifted Olaiya Igwe a Mercedes Benz as his birthday present on 10 August.

Veteran Yoruba actor, Ebun Oloyede, popularly known as Olaiya Igwe, has given reasons for prostrating before the Chairperson of the Lagos State Park and Garages Management, Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo.

On 10 August, a clip of MC Oluomo gifting the veteran actor a Mercedes Benz as a birthday present went viral.

On receiving the surprise car gift, Olaiya prostrated and rolled on the floor in gratitude to MC Oluomo.

The video posted by MC Oluomo’s son showed the elated and visibly shocked actor prostrating and rolling on the floor to appreciate the gesture.

Expectedly, he was criticised for prostrating for MC Oluomo, who is considered younger than he is. Because of that action, critics ridiculed the ‘King of Thieves’ actor on social media.

Even though some felt his display wasn’t out of place, many believed that the actor is older and should not prostrate for someone who should be regarded as his subordinate.

Some say it may not be unconnected to his steadfast support for the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, whom MC Oluomo also supports.

He said: ‘‘MC Oluomo sponsored my film with N52m in 2008. I stored his name on my phone as ‘My Lord. He came to my aid when I was stranded after shooting the film. I ignore my social media critics because I will remain indebted to Mc Oluomo for his magnanimity.”

The English title of the movie is ‘Mystery of Unity’ while the Yoruba title is ‘Aditu Isokan’.

In 2021, the actor told PREMIUM TIMES how pirates almost made him run into debts following the release of the movie he produced in 2014.

The tribal-marked actor, popular for his comical roles, is regarded as one of the richest in the industry.

Undaunted, the actor has spoken up about why he chose to prostrate in gratitude to Mc Oluomo.

In an Instagram live session with actress Kemi Afolabi on Thursday morning, Olaiya announced that despite criticism, MC Oluomo followed up the car gift with a plot of land.

Ms Afolabi, on Thursday, held an Instagram live session to expose the activities of someone who cloned her account on Facebook.

On seeing Olaiya in the comment section, she invited him to join the live feed.

It was then the actor revealed that his show of appreciation to MC Oluomo paved the way for the socialite to further gift him with a plot of land.

Speaking in Yoruba, Mr Olaiya said he did not understand why anyone would be bothered about how he chooses to appreciate his benefactor.

Ms Afolabi, currently undergoing treatment for lupus in the US, urged him not to be mindful of people’s comments.

She said that she has always benefited from MC Oluomo’s generosity.

She further revealed that the socialite sent her money to assist with her treatment.

This is not the first time the actor would receive the generosity of other Nigerians.

In a recent trending video on Twitter, the veteran actor revealed that Mr Tinubu and his wife came to his aid when he was diagnosed with nephrolithiasis disease, also known as kidney stone.

In a clip titled ‘My Asiwaju Story’, Olaiya said that Mr Tinubu saved his life without knowing him.

He spoke in the Yoruba language: “When I was sick, I was examined and told there were stones in my Kidney.

“I started thinking it was time for me to die. One of my colleagues, Ajala Jalingo, called me to say that he had received calls from Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his wife that I should go to Lagos State teaching hospital In Ikeja to meet the Chief Medical Director and promised to pay all my medical bills. He and his wife saved me from sudden death.”

Olaiya, who hails from Ogun state, has featured in more than 100 movies.

Among them are Ololade (Mr Money), ‘Iru Esin’, ‘Kosi Tabi Sugbon’, ‘Abela Pupa’, ‘Baale Oko Ilu and son’.

He has been in the Yoruba movie industry since the 1970s after joining Musbau Shodimu Theatre Organisation based in Abeokuta.

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