By  Victoria Edeme

The rekindled romance between superstar Davido and one of his baby mamas, Chioma Rowland, has excited friends, colleagues and fans of the couple.

In recent times, the duo have been sighted holding hands in the streets of London, to the admiration of onlookers and “online in-laws”, as some fans call themselves.

Chioma, who was said to have inspired Davido’s “Assurance” in 2018, officially became Davido’s fiancee in 2019 after the singer announced their engagement and introduction.

He also revealed that he would get married to the chef in 2020, with the hashtag #Chivido2020.

In October 2019, they welcomed their son, Ifeanyi.

Relationship crisis

In mid 2020, love turned sour as the duo was rumoured to have had some issues in their relationship, to the extent that Chioma moved out of the artiste’s house.

During the period, there were also rumours of domestic violence surrounding Chioma’s relationship with the singer.

However, Chioma debunked the rumour, insisting that there has never been any form of physical or verbal abuse in her home.

In the same year, the duo had ‘unfollowed’ each other on Instagram and that action generated a whirlwind of reactions.

However, they later resumed ‘following’ each other, which made many speculate that the ‘unfollowing’ was a publicity stunt.

In April 2021, things got worse as Chioma deleted Davido’s pictures from her Instagram page, leaving only one displaying the DMW boss with their son.

This came amid speculations that the relationship between the couple is no longer as rosy as it used to be.

During the period, a picture of Davido kissing an American Instagram model, Mya Yafai, had gone viral.

In early 2021, Davido was rumored to be in a relationship with Yafai and different pictures of the two of them together have gone viral on the Internet.

The model was said to have spent the Christmas and New Year holidays with Davido in Nigeria and Ghana. The duo was also seen holding hands at a beach house sometime in February 2021.

Since that moment, the relationship between Davido and Chioma has been one of a rollercoaster, marred by rumours and enmeshed in uncertainties.

Chioma and Davido reunites

Despite the rumours bedeviling the relationship, Davido and Chioma reunited for their son’s birthday in October 2021; their first public appearance since the rumors emerged.

In March 2022, Chioma attended Davido’s London concert at the O2 Arena, as Davido’s private jet flew her and her son out of Nigeria to grace the occasion.

In September 2022, the singer attended church for the first time in three years; a move said to be initiated by Chioma.

Reacting to the news, music executive, Soso Soberekon, had said, “A good woman will drag you closer to God. @thechefchi I see your hand work and @davido, you remain there in Jesus name!! God is working.”

Also, Davido and Chioma were filmed partying together at a club and fans couldn’t help but notice that the romance had been rekindled.

Confirming the relationship, popular socialite Pascal Okechukwu popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest, predicted that Chioma will welcome another baby with the singer in 2023.

Cubana Chiefpriest, an ally of Davido said, “I dey very sure say my sister @thechefchi go born another pikin next year for @davido #Vision2023 Assurance 2.0.”

Like a bolt from the blue, Davido also confirmed that he will be marrying Chioma in 2023.

In one Instastory posted by the flamboyant UK-based Nigerian pastor, Tobi Adegboyega, OBO declared that the nuptials would be held next year.

In the video, Adegboyega hailed Chioma as “Our wife, our real wife,” and Davido added, “Hundred per cent, going down, 2023.”

Adegboyega, a close ally of Davido, had earlier gifted Chioma one Hermes Birkin bag.

With the rekindled romance between Davido and Chioma, coupled with the singer’s assurance, it may seem as though the entertainment industry should expect a wedding of the year in 2023.

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