Controversial Street hop artiste Portable has made a mockery of those criticising him for not being a graduate.

‘Ika of Africa’, as he fondly refers to himself, questioned his ‘schooled’ critics about what they’ve been able to achieve so far with their education while using swear used on them.

He promised to buy ‘their papa house’ in a video shared on his Instagram page, which sees him arranging 1$ dollar bills on the bed that sprayed on him during a performance.

The “Zazu” singer said: “Bizza bizza! Kini ma faja! After performance, small cash out. Ika of Africa. You no see money? Your papa get money? I go buy your papa house. You dey whine? You no see money?!

“You say I no go school. School wey you go, wetin you fit use am buy? You no see dollars? Oya spell dollar. …you no go school. Oni sho ri re (it won’t be well with you). Ogun kee you!

“You no see money? You dey whine? If you get money enjoy yourself. I believe in God, my phone and sub. Any disappointment is a blessing. See money…..see money. Wahala!!”

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