Say soldier asked to say shot fired by unknown gunmen

 The family of Ms. Damiete Green, a 24-year-old lady shot by a soldier from the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has raised the alarm over the pressure mounted on them to withdraw their statement to the police on the matter.

A lawyer purporting to work for the military authority and the errant soldier, Sgt Yinka Ayileka, reportedly told the family on Saturday that they would be offered more money if they would alter the statements made to the police on the matter.

The legal practitioner, identified simply as Barrister Emma, allegedly advised the family to change the narrative to one that could provide a leeway for the shooter and the military to avoid consequences.

Mrs. Preye  Omungo, the victim’s sister, said: “The lawyer came to see us on behalf of the soldier. After apologising for the incident, he said they were willing to compensate us more if we would change the statement we made at the station about the incident.”

“They want us to say she was shot during an exchange of gunfire between military men and some criminals, and that we cannot ascertain who fired the shot that hit my sister.”

It was learnt that the overture was made after The Nation’s exclusive report on the N150,000 compensation payment to the family.

Confirming the report, the driver of the car, Mr. Emmanuel Oluwaseun, said the family insisted that they would not sell their conscience and their child for money.

“The meeting had already started before I got there,” Oluwaseun said, “but the 65-year-old mother of the victim (Madam Koteinbofori Harry), her sister and her uncle were there from the start.

“Their position was clear: they want justice.”

It will be recalled that the bereaved Madam Harry had told The Nation that the N150,000 offered by the military was an insult.

“They see us as nobody, so to them, my daughter is worth less than a ram,” she had said.

She insisted on justice for the death of the 24-year-old lady whose burial has been slated for Saturday, 16 November.

The military spokesperson at the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army, from where Sgt Ayileka was deployed, was yet to respond to our reporter’s inquiry on the matter since Thursday afternoon.

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