Having achieved unprecedented global success which has in turn ‘blew up’ his popularity abroad, Star boy disclosed he’s still mastering the act of managing his ego.

Little wonder he tagged his fourth studio album “More love, less ego” signaling how important keeping his ego permanently in check is to him at this point where he enjoys enviable success across the globe.

Speaking in a recent interview, Wizkid said along with managing his ego, he aims to ‘live forever’, though not practically but through his works.

According to Ayo, his resolve to ensure he achieves the second aim was even made firmer when he attended a musical play, ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ for one of his idols, Bob Marley.

“Alongside managing my ego, one other aim for this new chapter is to live forever. “Not physically, but for whatever I create to live forever.

‘I recently went to see Bob Marley musical, ‘Get Up, Stand Up!’ I was like, ‘Yo, we’re watching a Bob Marley play and this guy died decades ago.’

“I didn’t even know that he died at 36. He did so much at a young age. It just reaffirms what I do; I have to keep taking this to the highest heights. Because I know one day they’re definitely going to create a play about me,” he said.

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