Osahon speedily takes the left turn to his stree
without checking for oncoming vehicles or pedestrians, he almost ran into an okada rider who was also on high speed negotiating a turn, a swerve on impulse saved both, but not without onlookers raining curses on them.

Osahon didn’t care about the shout; he was grateful the situation did not escalate. His favourite team Chelsea was about to engage their arch-rival Arsenal in a London Derby and he cannot afford to miss it.

In fact, he wants to watch from the moment the blues will be marching out in their new jersey till the very end. He got home just in time 5 mins before kick-off. Osahon switched on his electronic appliances and settled down to feed his eyes, his belly growled but he knew that the only food he wanted right now was for Chelsea to teach Arsenal a bitter lesson with at least 4:0.

His favourite channel came up and just as the players were filling out, everywhere suddenly became dark.

Wait! What happened? ‘Na Rapture’? Osahon looks around to discover that there is electricity supply in the neighbourhood which means his electricity unit has been exhausted.

In his eagerness to watch the game, he had dumped his phone somewhere and now it’s in the dark and can’t seem to remember where he dropped it. After 5 minutes of frantic search in darkness, his legs hit something that could be his phone but alas!, the object had moved further down the couch.

Cursing under his breath, Osahon bent on all fours, stretched his hand under the couch, and retrieved his phone. He quickly logged on to and bought electricity tokens, immediately the lights came on and power was restored in the apartment.

It’s a goal!!!! Osahon shouted excitedly, the moment he realized Chelsea was leading with a goal scored over ten minutes earlier.

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Eniola Awokoya.

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