Forwarned is forearmed! The first shot towards commencing Bankruptcy proceedings against Maureen Badejo, a UK based Vlogger has been fired by the Solicitors to Dr, & Pastor (Mrs.) Olukoya via a Statutory Demand served on her on 17th November 2022 to pay up the judgment sum of £60,000.

Under the judgment enforcement rules of the United Kingdom, is certain to have bankruptcy proeedings commenced against her unless she pays the judgment sum before the time limited  under the Statutory Demand.

Recall that all efforts by Maureen to appeal against the judgment were truncated and dismissed by the appellate Judge who described her proposed grounds of Appeal as hopeless and pointless .

Harvest time is now here for Maureen and it would be interesting to see how true is her several boasts of tremendous personal wealth and how liberal her misguided supports have been towards donating to her several fund-me litigation accounts.

As usual I will keep you posted as this satirical event unfolds.

Femi Oyewale

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