Dj Cuppy and fiance, Ryan Taylor
By Ada Osadebe

Nigerian disc jockey, Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy, has responded to rumours that her fiance, Ryan Taylor, is seeing someone else.

Ryan Taylor is seen in a viral video with British influencer, Fiona Michelle, which comes just days before he proposes to DJ Cuppy. 

However, in her response, DJ Cuppy stated on her Twitter page on Sunday that she doesn’t want a ‘cliche and perfect’ love story.

She wrote, “Who wants that “perfect” love story anyway? Cliché.”

Meanwhile, Nigerians on social media have been reacting to the DJ’s response.

@DanielRegha said, “Cuppy rumours have it that ur fiance (Ryan Taylor) is being unfaithful, u are acting like it’s funny but this is a serious issue that shouldn’t be overlooked; It will be in ur best interest to investigate & qu!t the relationship if the stories are true. Better safe than sorry.”

@modell.tosin said, “Broken engagement is better than a broken marriage.”

@nnenna_blinks_ said, “My opinion : This is all stunt. There was no relationship and the engagement is a stunt. Her dad didn’t even wish her congratulations like he did for Eazi and his daughter. This is all cruise and vibes.

@stanbnx said, “As long as she doesn’t care, Your opinion is unnecessary, She has found love and that’s all that matters to her Now, I hope the man reciprocate her love. Marriage is Forever.”

@nene_george said, “Two people you can never advice, a man with money and a woman in love. Just let them learn on their own. Which one kwocern me?, Abi which one kwocern agbero with overload?”

@gungirl001 said, “She’s seeing the red flag , but I guess red is her favorite color, or she thinks it’s a carnival.”

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