The Southeast coordinator of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential campaign council, Dan Ulasi, has blasted the spokesman for the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, Kenneth Okonkwo.

Okonkwo recently called Ulasi a bootlicker, accusing him of betraying the Igbo race by supporting the PDP’s presidential flag bearer, Atiku Abubakar.

But Ulasi speaking on AIT’s ‘KAKAAKI’, the same platform where Okonkwo made the allegations faulted the latter for the same.

He labeled Okonkwo’s accusations, especially of his principal as unjust saying, ‘Our lawyers are looking into the matter and we are evaluating it. He will not go… I want to see that his legal prowess in the court of law when it’s appropriate.’

Ulasi stated unlike Kenneth Okonkwo who only makes movies and kiss women, he has personally made sacrifices for the Igbos as he fought in the civil war which caused him one of his hands.

The PDP Southeast coordinator said: “I have made sacrifices for my people. Any day I meet Kenneth Okonkwo, I’ll ask him at his age, what is his contribution to the Igbo people?”

“What has been his contribution apart from making films and kissing women on television and we watch? I fought for Biafra. If he did not fight, did his parents fight?

“I have one hand, I cannot use this hand. And he comes to call me a bootlicker. A fake, calling me a bootlicker?

“What contribution has he made to my people? The greatest point Igbos saw in this country is the Civil War. Did he contribute? Where did he fight?”

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