In  December 7, 2015, the ancient Ile-Ife received a new dawn of the day as the HIM Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II ascended the throne of his forebearer as the 51st Oonirsha. When he was handed the staff of office as the spiritual head of the Yoruba race, it came with lots of criticism from naysayers and those who had an interest in the stool and those who jostled for the throne with him how can a youthful person at just 41-year-old steer the ship of a very cosmopolitan Yoruba race. Different tongues started to wag and different campaign of calumny took over the media but Ooni Adeyeye stayed strong  used his native intelligence and harnessed all warring factions by extending an olive branch to everyone that the stool is for everyone and it’s a collective effort to ensure the throne live up to its expectation. Many were thrilled with his ways and mannerism and his meekness and respectful nature as they all put their differences behind them to join hands with him to make the Yoruba race great again.

Ever since he was crowned Ooni, he has ensured he does things differently deviating from the norm by ensuring all the culture and traditions that have been put on halt are revitalized. Apart from that, he has created empowerment for all sundry and as well changed the narrative of people with their culture as he has explored the tourism aspect by selling Yoruba race to the entire world through cultural exchange with countries Away from the controversies around him, Ooni Adeyeye is well-loved by all sundry for prioritizing his people and creating an avenue for youths to thrive through the royal African Award where over 100 youths are spotted and inducted into the Royal African Academy. He has invested in agriculture, youth and women empowerment and education.

On Wednesday December 7, Ooni celebrated his 7th year coronation anniversary on the throne of his forefathers but used the occasion to put smiles on the faces of people around him. Through his House of Oduduwa foundation and Mrs. Kehinde Adelaja Okoroafor’s MakeMee Elegant foundation, Ooni trained and empowered victims of human trafficking with a 6days training programme alongside the Nigeria Export promotion council, NAPTIP, Ministry of Women Affairs, and other government agencies where victims were empowered with skills and also given Sewing and stoning machines, Wig making machines, Fridges, Cash and other things to make life earlier for them as he also launched the OjajaWomen Entrepreneur Programme. He alongside his wife organized a big award ceremony for distinguished staff of the palace as he appreciated them for their steadfastness with Award Plagues, letters of recommendation, cash prizes and car gifts. This is to motivate them to do more and also tell them that there is a reward for hard work.

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