Times without number, God has proven that He knows the end of a thing from the beginning and he also reveal these mysteries to his prophets, as we read in the holy bible.

One of the most consistent prophet in the world as we speak is Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church whose ministry doesn’t talk about a sector alone; he gives prophecies on every sector of the country and his justification for this is that God is interested in every area of man’s life.

Primate Ayodele is popular for his prophecies on politics, sports, education, security, governance, cooperate organizations, individuals, to mention a few. He has more than 15,000 prophecies on these sectors and they have all come to pass.

As we know that we are in the world cup era and as usual of him, Primate Ayodele gave some prophecies before the tournament started during an interview session. He made it known that countries should not rely on star players because they will mess their team up. He mentioned some players and warned coaches against relying on them in order not to lose out.

Unfortunately, many of them never listened to this warning and they are now suffering the consequences. The big teams of the tournament are losing out already. We saw how Brazil despite having several star footballers got disqualified after losing to Croatia yesterday, Netherlands too lost to Argentina in the Quarter-final matches. We saw how Morocco defeated almighty Spain in the round of 16 too, and many other situations that have rendered the star players irrelevant and unable to save their country from disqualification.

More matches are still coming in the quarter final matches and we will keep fingers crossed on the performance of the star footballers in the matches. However, Primate Ayodele’s prophecy has been continued to come to pass so far in this tournament.

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