Sosoliso burn survivor Kachi has celebrated 60 reasons to keep hope alive 17 years after the Sosoliso crash that killed 108 persons.

She celebrated a number of things including completing an MBA and finishing a book.

Referring to the deceased victims, she reiterated that she talked a lot about them in her new books.

To the 60 angels of Dec 10 2005:

2022 was a hard year. I’m so grateful to God to have made it this far.
Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings these past 17 years, for giving me 60 reasons to keep striving, to keep fighting, to keep excelling.

I finished my book by the way🥰 I talked about you all a lot in it and the impact it’s having on its readers so far is so humbling.
I also graduated with my MBA degree last week! I cannot wait to use it to make you even prouder.

To every soul that was lost that day:

Thank you for watching over us all time, we, the loved ones you left behind on Dec 10 2005. Our memories of you are fond, and you will never be forgotten.

– Kechi ❤️

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